What Type of Mattress Is Best for Back Pain?

How Lifestyle Habits Cause Back Pain

You need to look at your lifestyle and see what may be contributing to your back pain. Back pain is incredibly complex, and we may never fully understand it.

However, by taking a step back and seeing how different things you’re doing in your day to day life may be affecting your back pain, you’ll get a better indication as to what the real problem might be.

Some general tips as well are to:

Be More Active

If you’re sitting for hours a day without performing any exercise, then it’s no wonder that you’re experiencing back pain! Get up and go for frequent walks. Your body was meant to move, so try to do as much moving as you can throughout the day.

Be Mindful of Your Posture

If you’re sitting for hours a day, this is likely coupled with sitting in a poor posture.

This means that you’re hunched over forward with rounded shoulders, or your lower back is arched in a position of anterior pelvic tilt. Either way, this can cause a lot of problems in your back in the long run.

What you need to do is be mindful of this posture especially when you’re sitting. Try your best to maintain a neutral pelvic and spine when sitting or standing throughout the day.

Avoid Stress

Stress is one of the leading contributors to worsening back pain and can run in a vicious cycle.

You’re stressed out from whatever life has thrown at you, and you develop back pain to add to your set of problems, which causes you to get more stressed out and worsens your back pain. Thus, you can see the importance in trying your best to live a stress-free life.

Some excellent ways to relieve yourself are meditation, exercise, and therapy if needed. Exercise is one of the best options you have as it causes a natural release of endorphins. This is your body’s way of “de-stressing” the body, and you’ll feel the impact it has on your mood immediately.

Be Aware of Your Sleeping Position

Even if you’ve purchased the perfect mattress, your sleeping position might be the problem you need to look at.

Sleeping on your back with a pillow that isn’t too high or too low is likely the best way to sleep. However, it’s not the only way to sleep, and you shouldn’t force yourself to sleep in a way that you don’t like especially if it’s going to impact your sleep negatively.

If you enjoy sleeping on your side, just make sure that your neck has the support it needs and ideally you want a pillow in between your legs for extra support in your hips.

Try not to sleep on your stomach as this places your neck in a compromised position overnight and can lead to stiffness and muscle aches in the morning.

The Takeaway

To sum everything up, taking a look at your mattress and examining how your current sleep is on it is a great first step to alleviating your back pain. Improving your quality of sleep should be one of your priorities if it’s something you’re currently struggling with. And luckily, this can be as simple as purchasing a new mattress.

The best mattress for back pain relief will depend on the individual, however, an excellent place to start is to look at medium-firmness memory foam mattresses. Research shows that this type of mattress is the most promising.

But regardless of if you choose to purchase a new mattress or not, this isn’t a real solution to your back pain. You need to look at other factors of your life that you can improve as well. And if your back pain is worsening, you want to see a professional for advice.

So, just be aware that while purchasing a new mattress is recommended, it’s likely not going to be the ultimate fix for you when it comes to back pain.

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